Concrete Bridge Repair

Cast-in-place, grouting, epoxy injection, pre-cast blocks and polymer bearing pads are just a few of the typical repair techniques employed by our crews to correct defective concrete. From pier shafts over major rivers to bearing seats, there are many unique ways to repair bridges that will minimize track interruptions.

As older, un-reinforced concrete members begin to show their age, Koppers Railroad Structures is at the forefront with innovative methods to maintain current structures and increase their carrying capability. Pressure grouting on rubble filled pier shafts in conjunction with new polymer pads to support steel grillages is just one example of how we engineer repairs specific to our customers’ needs.

Abutments, backwalls and wingwalls are also targets of age. Spalling, cracking and settling can all contribute to a need for specialty form work to correct these types of problems.

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