1. Completing a tie deck replacement project

2. Tie Deck Replacement on a Timber and Steel Span Bridge

3. A Finished Deck Replacement on a Timber Bridge

4. Completed Rehabilitation Project on a Truss Span-Deck Plate Girder Span Bridge Over The Missouri River

5. Complete bridge deck replacement

6. Pile Posting on a Large Timber Trestle During a Maintenance Program

7. Installation of Bridge Joints on a Large Bascule Bridge

8. Rebuilding a Long Timber Bridge With Driven Steel Piling

9. Concrete Repairs to Tower Piers on a Large Steel Bridge

10. Completed Concrete Wing Wall and Head Wall Repairs

11. A Completed Bridge Reconstruction Project With Pipe Piling, Concrete Caps, and Steel Spans

12. A Complete Timber Bridge Rehabilitation With New Tie Deck, Stringers, Caps, and Posted Piling

13. A Major Through Truss and Swing Span Strengthening and Repair Project

14. A Large Through Truss Steel Bridge Strengthening Project

15. Work In Progress To Strengthen And Repair a Very Large Through Truss Structure on a Major Class I Railroad

16. Bridge Rebuild With Steel H Piling and Steel Caps

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October 2012


Cost Effective /High Quality Repair Methods. Our business focus is directed at providing our customers with cost effective repair methods while minimizing traffic interruptions. Our experienced repair crews tackle jobs both large and small with the hands-on support of our in-house engineering staff.  Combining repair techniques developed through many years of experience with a strict adherence to safety ensures each job is done right the first time.


As a railroad service provider, our single largest job is the choreography of our nationwide repair crews to match the needs of our customers. This complex endeavor, is aided by our hand-in-glove approach. Specifically, our Engineering Group works directly with Operations to share pertinent information in facilitating the best method of repair...


For over 60 years, we been a strong partner with the railroad industry. Our highly mobile railroad bridge construction, repair and inspection crews have played an important role in restoring railroad bridges throughout North America...


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