New Bridge Construction

Once the decision is made to build a new bridge a long list of questions start to emerge. Foremost, is who to call to "get the ball rolling". Of course there is the Engineering Team to design the bridge. Now add in the Project Manager to oversee the project and finally, the right Contractor to actually build the bridge. Throw in soil borings, permits, access and possible utilities and the entire process can become complicated. Now is the time to simplify the whole process.


Contacting Koppers Railroad Structures can accelerate the process to a New Bridge, with the least interruption of your train traffic. We will coordinate our Engineering Team to design a cost-effective structure to meet your needs and time frame. This process includes design, permitting, material procurement, scheduling and ultimately construction. After your approval, our engineers and project managers put the project in motion.


Under the guidance of the Engineering Team, our Project Managers direct our experienced crews through the entire construction phase. The overall goal is to minimize any traffic interruptions.

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