Steel Bridge Repair

Size, complexity and increasing age are key elements of these structures. Capacity issues dictate faster and heavier loads that stress these bridges past their original design parameters. To accommodate today’s traffic requirements, these structures can be upgraded.


Typical modifications include upgrades to the bracing system due to deterioration and train speeds. Replacement of through truss and through plate floor beams and stringers can enhance a structures’ capacity. Portal clearance improvements aid in the passing of double stacks along with bearing replacements to respond to higher tonnage. When combined with cover plate replacements, girder flange, and stiffener repairs, a steel bridge can meet the demands of today’s transportation needs.


Movable structures are key links over navigable waterways. Understanding how best to modify/repair the myriad of mechanical and structural systems involved is an area where Koppers Railroad Structures excels. Repairs and upgrades when properly engineered and implemented can significantly extend the useful life of bridges built more than a century ago.

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